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Terms and Conditions for installation


1.    For the purpose of these Terms & Conditions the following words shall have the following meanings:

(a)   "The Company" shall mean Cleanaqua on-line shop.

(b)  "The Customer" shall mean the person or organization for whom the Company agrees to carry out works and supply water filters or materials.

(c)   "The Property" shall mean the household where work will be carried out.

(d)  "The Installer" shall mean the representative appointed by the Company.

2.    The Company reserves the right to refuse or decline work at its own discretion.

3.    We will perform services with reasonable skill and care, acting in good faith at all times

4.    The Customer shall only be charged a fixed, i.e. not hourly, price for the services performed. The company reserves the right to charge extra fees for parts and labor if necessary but only if agreed with the Customer prior to installation.

5.    Where the date and / or time for works to be carried out is agreed by phone, email or booked via the Company’s online booking system, then the Company shall use its best endeavours to ensure that the installer shall attend on the date and at the time agreed. However, the Company accepts no liability in respect of the non attendance or late attendance in the property of the installer.

6.    Customer has the right to cancel the purchase of products and/or installation any time where applicable, but must notify the company no later than 24 hours of booked time and date.  If the Customer cancels their booking prior to any work being carried out or materials supplied then the Customer shall be liable for any related expenditure by the Company had the work been carried out and / or materials supplied in accordance with such instructions.

7.    If, after the Company shall have carried out the works, the Customer is not wholly satisfied with the works then the Customer shall give notice in writing within four weeks to the Company and shall afford the Company, and its insurers, the opportunity of both inspecting such works, and carrying out any necessary remedial works if appropriate. The Customer accepts that if he fails to notify the Company as aforesaid then the Company shall not be liable in respect of any defects in the works carried out.

8.    The Guarantee shall be for labor only in respect of faulty workmanship for 4 weeks from the date of completion with the manufacturer’s warranty in force. The Guarantee will become null & void if the work/appliance completed/supplied by the Company is: 

(a) Subject to misuse or negligence. 

(b) Repaired, modified or tampered with by anyone other than a Company installer. The Company will accept no liability for, or guarantee suitability materials supplied by the Customer & will accept no liability for any consequential damage or fault.

9.    These terms & conditions may not be released, discharges, supplemented, interpreted, varied or modified in any manner except by an instrument in writing signed by a duly authorised representative of the Company & by the Customer. Further, these terms & conditions shall prevail over any terms & conditions used by the Customer or contained or set out or referred to in any documentation sent by the Customer to the Company; by entering into a contact with the Company the Customer agrees irrevocably to waive the application of any such terms & conditions.

10.The Company shall not be liable for any delay or for the consequences of any delay in performing any of its obligations if such delay is due to any cause whatsoever beyond its reasonable control and the Company shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of the time for performing such obligations.

11. We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time without notice.

12. After installation or other services are completed in the Property, the Customer shall inform the Installer, confirming that the Customer is satisfied with the quality of goods and installation.


Terms and Conditions for delivery


13. Should an order delivery be incorrect or damaged, please contact us immediately or should an order be lost in transit, we may not send replacement items immediately. Replacement items will be dispached according to our discretion following our investigations.

14. We do not accept liability for any loss or damage arising from items lost, stolen or damaged after delivery has taken place.

15.We will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from late delivery.




16. All confidential information, including debit and credit card details are stored securely by PayPal and leave no footprint on our website.



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